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The Kiwi PyCon Call-for-Papers is open right now, and will be for the next few weeks. In my spare time I'm spoamming everyone I know to encourage them to submit a talk. A common response I get is "I'd love to speak at Kiwi ...

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by Thomi Richards | Sat 21 May 2016 | Tags : python kiwipycon speaking

I freaking love python's context managers. They's excellent for managing resources that need to have a set lifetime. I find myself writing lots of code that uses context managers like tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile and tempfile.TemporaryDirectory. Recently I found myself writing code that set up a data structure on ...

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by Thomi Richards | Tue 02 June 2015 | Tags : python context managers code

Note: This post is mostly aimed at my work colleagues. We're working on deploying systems that consist of multiple micro-services and I have a few tools and techniques that aid debugging. This post explains my process.

Directory Setup

I use a slightly non-standard directory setup. I have a directory ...

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by Thomi Richards | Thu 09 April 2015 | Tags : python debugging ipython pudb

I love the promise of the git revision control system: It's fast, it's free, it can handle huge workloads, and sites like github have made git the de facto standard. However, I absolutely hate the command line interface. I find it inconsistent, unfriendly, and generally difficult to work ...

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by Thomi Richards | Thu 19 February 2015 | Tags : debian ubuntu git packaging

Summary of content this far

It seems the questions Matthew Garrett and I asked at LCA this year have created a bit of activity. Several people have written blog posts that are far more eloquent than I could ever achieve, so instead of repeating their sentiment, I'll simply link ...

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by Thomi Richards | Fri 23 January 2015 | Tags : conference community debian packaging

This year Canonical were kind enough to send me to Linux Conf Australia. The last time I attended that conference was nine years ago (2006, in my home-town of Dunedin). What follows is a short trip report - I won't mention everything I saw, but rather highlight the most interesting ...

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by Thomi Richards | Mon 19 January 2015 | Tags : conference community trip-report debian testing python packaging

I attended Kiwi PyCon again this year, and it was fantastic! The conference was held in Wellington, a fine city with some great bars (I'm sure it has other attractive qualities, but I mainly remember the bars). Below are some random highlights that I feel are worth sharing.

The ...

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by Thomi Richards | Wed 01 October 2014 | Tags : python testing kiwipycon ubuntu quality

Currently I find myself working simultaneously in two very different languages: My work at Canonical sees me writing almost exclusively in Python, while in my spare time I'm working with Go and Qml. Both Python and Go have some wonderful, killer features, but today I'd like to write ...

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by Thomi Richards | Mon 17 March 2014 | Tags : python golang testing

I'm lucky to work with some of the most talented engineers I've ever met. As a member of the Canonical QA department, we frequently talk about automated code testing, things like: What's the best strategy to test declarative UI languages? How do we test difficult-to-reach-place X? How ...

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by Thomi Richards | Thu 13 March 2014 | Tags : python testing coverage QA ubuntu

I recently contributed a number of new features to the python testtools project, the sum total of which add up to a feature I like to call 'delayed assertions'. In this post I'll explain why I needed this feature, what it's good for, and how you can use ...

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by Thomi Richards | Mon 10 February 2014 | Tags : python testing testtools